Companion's Handle: StarHollowday
Date of Visit: Feb 2024
Preferred Method of Contact: PM, Text
Phone Number: AD
Email Address:
Website, Ad, or Profile URL:!
City, State: Dallas, Texas
Type of Visit: IC
Was the Appointment On-Time?? Yes
Activities: Friendly chat,Gfe and so much more
Scheduled Length of Visit:
Donation: See website
Approximate age of Companion: 21
Hair Color and Length: Black and Long
Smoking Status: No
Ethnic/Racial background:
Companion Description:
Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?? Exceed totally!
Would You Recommend this Companion?? Absolutely Yes

Public comments:
In my dream while looking at the night sky, I spotted a bright shining star and decided to get an up close look of the brightness. Glad I did make the journey after brief verification and excellent communication.

Embarked on the journey filled with some space traffic, after finally meeting Star It was a pretty and cute sight to the eyes. Filled with greetings, energy drink, chatting about the day, kissing, hugging and many more.

The time filled with pure bliss and sweet personality. Please treat her well fellas she is definitely a rising star, keep her bright and shining!

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