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Thread: DIY nipple clamps

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    DIY nipple clamps

    Last year I made a modified version of nipple clamps with chopsticks. I posted the directions and a doodle on my blog. I would love to hear of you that have love to play with your nipples or play with your lover's nipples.
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    Wooden clothespins work great
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    I too have had the pleasure of trying out similar homemade nipple clamps which were made from skewers. It was a super fun experience. And I'd definitely recommend them for people just starting out with nipple torture or who have a lower pain tolerance. Good old fashioned clothes pins will do as well.

    Personally, I love pain and nipple play and can tolerate a moderate intensity of pain. The only style of clamps I've come across which I absolutely cannot fuck with are clover clamps, which already have a super tight hold when first applied and then get super tight even if they are pulled lightly.
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    camela, do you use the ENTIRE chopstick or just a smaller part (2-3”)??
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    Clover clamps work well if you’re ginger during the initial pplication. Most of the time, the pain abates fairly quickly; removal is where the rush of sensation occurs.

    If you’re the Top or Dom, ensure you’re paying attention. A few minutes is all it take for a newbie. More experienced pain lovers can go longer, but being attentive is key.

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