My lady friend from Texas is joining me tomorrow so I thought I'd get a quick release with this beauty in Auckland.

She is 5'2" c cup size six beauty -innocent looking but a freak BCD. I told her what I wanted, mostly a great BBBJ but after a little FIV, G Spot massage on a very tight wet pussy I changed my mind and went on IN> Miya gave me a above average BBBJTCIMNQBS and it was smooth, hot and very sensual. I lasted about 10 minutes before I grabbed her head, I was sitting on the couch< and shot down the back of her throat. Caught her by surprise but she is a trooper and smiled afterward as she cleaned Jr. I started cuddling and working her vag with my fingers and she very nearly had an O. Miya told me she really needed me to fuck her because I had made her very horny. I enjoyed listening to her as her Asian accent was evident and I had not heard that accent in several years.

Miya told me she wanted me to fuck her hard and rough. I am not much for being rough with these little girls but I did manage to make her happy and she made me cum 2 more times so I was more than happy. I do love girls with a medium size ass as much as those with a bigger one. I put her on her knees on the couch with her upper body hanging over the back of the couch. Covered Jr and lubed him and Miya and worked Jr in. She is so small and tight that Jr looked large (for a change) and she moaned softly as I worked jr in till I was balls deep. O Papason you are so big, don't stop!! I started to pound her Vag and she had nowhere to go as the couch held her in place, she started moaning loudly and finally was squealing like a banche as I was now in warp drive, trying to drive Jr into her throat via her pussy. Soon enough she has a nice big O just as Jr erupted like a mini volcano (in the cover) and she begged for me to stop and let her rest. Well she said she wanted it rough so I pulled the butt plug I had inserted when we began in and out while pouring lube over her starfish which is tiny. I finally pulled the plug out and with her facing away slid JR in till I was once again balls deep. Miya spun her head around and was very wide eyed (for an Asian LOL). I grabbed her hair at the back of her head pulled her head back and said "Now naughty girl Papason is going to ride you like a big dog" Miya nodded her head yes and once again I went into warp drive. At one point we almost tipped the couch over, she was squealing and moaning, talking in tongues , tears ran down her cheeks smearing her make up and I pounded away. I am an old fart but I am not in too bad of a shape so I continued fucking her ass for 10+ minutes till I felt the tingle in my boys (again!) I told her I was about to cum, Miya wiggled out from under me, stripped off the cover and sucked Jr with a ton of suction as I shot once again down the back of her throat.

Miya walked kinda funny as she left the dock, I did get her a cab and paid her for 3.5 hours. She told me she didn't usually do anal but she was happy that I enjoyed it. LMFAO

I pick up by lady friend tomorrow and we sail for Australia and hopefully a few threesomes with beautiful Australian girls.