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Thread: Edging..tease and denial

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    Edging..tease and denial

    I enjoy doing tease and denial/edging... I am still learning techniques....but think I have it down pretty can be such a powerful orgasm for a gent!

    Anyone else have pointers/tips/experiences to share?????

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    if you need someone to practice on you just let me know.... was good to hear from you

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    Just finding this little forum of OH. I am with you , Dallas, edging is a way to put a Sensual massage thru the roof. I am a strong believer if I give my clients 4-5 edges during our NURU their finish is much much stronger. I had my doubts in the beginning, but over my 3+ years of practice I’m a firm believer. It’s a shame it doesn’t seem to work on females....
    I listen to my clients a lot on what works for them and what they’ve experienced and enjoy in past sessions. One client in particular showed me your moves that is perfect for edging.
    First one involves lots of warm coconut Oil applied to the balls while they are lying on their stomachs, followed by a very slight and gentle caressing of the “taint”. This move is definitely drool inducing, they often times can’t speak and the sensation is something the first timers are always amazed about. The timing is different for everyone but a edge is produced in a min or 2, as I move to another part of their body I always hear sighs of “pls don’t stop” this of Course equals my perfect edge.
    my second move involves having them put their leg out to the side like a wing( still on stomach)this position allows for a tunnel so I can reach down along their side. I then massage the taint/balls and what’s connected to them�� my second very successful edge and we haven’t even flipped over.
    Leaving a PM on site is not the best way to communicate with me and make an appt. Iím seldomly onsite and your message may go unread for days. Pls text me at 9726461630. Thanks so much

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    my god that sounds amazing

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