Date: July 9
Provider: Sharon (Karen's Agency)
Phone or Pager: 228 436-0559
Email Address: N/A
URL / Website: C.L. - current ad at
City: Biloxi
State: Mississippi
Area / Address: Apartment close to Pass Rd & Mall
Appointment Type: Incall
Provider Category: Agency
Activities: HJ, Digits, Russian, COB (no kissing, no BJ)
Session Length Scheduled: 1 hr
Fee: $$.25
Total Paid: $$.25
Was Tipping or Upselling an issue? No
[b]Was the Description you were given accurate? No (the current ad appears to have her real pic)
Hair Color and Length: Dark Brown/Black w tight curls (kinky) to mid back (put up)
Age: 20s
Race: Mixed?
Perfume/Fragrance: Fresh and all Natural
Smoking Status: Could Not Tell Either Way
Where did you hear about this provider? CL
Provider`s Body: She went about 5-4 & 125ish. Nice set of Bs w/medium nips, cute round butt, dark complexion (previous ads said she was Italian), Pretty face, nice smile & bedroom eyes. 3 medium to large tats on back and calf. Overall she was cute, but of course nothing like the pic in ad (which disappeared before I could link to it).
What was the Provider's Attitude like? Nice and friendly
Would you recommend this Provider to others? No (even if there had been a cover, it would've been CBJ & no kissing)
Comments: In the Locker Room