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Thread: Conversation Starter #2: Caucasian Providers Whom Dont See Black Clients

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    Conversation Starter #2: Caucasian Providers Whom Dont See Black Clients

    In this industry sometimes we have to generalize and stereotype when it comes to clients for safety reasons. For instance, if I don't like the sound of my clients voice when we speak on the phone, I don't see him. It costs me a lot of nice decent clients I'm sure, but if his voice makes me uncomfortable, then being around him will as well.

    I used to not see black men, but in some scenarios I have spoken with a client, met with him and he turned out to be black (I don't ever inquire about my clients race.) Even though I am not physically attracted to black men at all, I am ok with seeing them if they are clean cut and well spoken. If you call me and 'sound black' (thick ghetto accent, refer to me as boo, ask if you can holla at me....) I will hang up.

    2:04 PM
    I have been in the hobby for nearly 20 years and it depends. I have shown up for appointments and the providers freaks out and cancels when they see I'm a big black male. The same one that was articulate with good manners on the phone. I can only imagine many (not all) have had a bad experience at some point. Other I imagine are trying to avoid men that may run in their circles.

    In Minneapolis I know there are a large number of West\East African men and their views on women.. well they are not very progressive. I have heard stories about how they treat their women. So here I see a LOT of "No Black Men". Kinda lumps us all together.

    The only time this "agitates me" is when I have to make a LONG trip (over an hour in traffic) for an appointment, I get there and she cancels. Sad but hey... life goes on.

    Oct 23, 2018, 8:02 PM
    I have never had a problem with Black men as clients, in the sense that they are perfectly polite gentlemen. However, i have blacklisted clients based on the fact that they were so well endowed that i was sore for my entire shift after seeing them.

    Its not anything against them as people, im just a tiny lady.

    Im guessing the stereotype of black men being on the larger side could be a factor in this issue?

    Oct 23, 2018, 3:50 PM
    i have asked some of the girls about this, and they told me it's because they are cheap, (as anyone who has ever waited on them in a restaurant can tell you). also, they don't like to wear rubbers, their dicks are too big and they hurt, and some of them try to become the girl's pimp. of course not ALL blacks are the same, but let's be realistic, in life you have got to play the percentages.

    Oct 29, 2018, 10:40 AM
    Quote from a lovely young lady with whom I have been a client "They are cheap and their dicks are too big."

    7:24 AM
    They are significantly more likely to be beaten and raped by black men then any other group.

    1:42 AM
    actually, on personal experiences I was seeing Black women escorts and they preferred white men over black men. One of them told me "white men treat me better." Came as a surprise to me also.

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    I'm sharing this because there is a trend with many Caucasian providers: Sadly most of them have Black men as handlers. (Since they appear to be Scarier then other nationalities). I being a Ebony provider myself I definitely understood the reasoning behind why Caucasian women recieve more attention, so therefore are more choosy about whom their clientele are. Money talks big time in this business. Unfortunately Caucasian men are seen as the richest and African men are seen as the poorest.

    I know from personal experience the currency received from both ethnicities are rather different: Most black men depending on their age and educational backgrounds, will dictate the condition of the currency. Presentation and first impressions are everything to me. When it comes to Black men you have to count it out, I rather have them count it out to me, to save time. The currency sometimes is offered crumpled up, seems as if they are afraid to let go of their earnings. I personally have to put my tip already included in my services if not, black men always pay the exact amount. Caucasian men are the exact opposite because they are proud to spend it and it shows. You never have to double check behind them. The currency received is new and they tip without being asked. Black men it's like you have to beg and plead for a tip. I feel like most of them have to be watched, because they will sometimes trick you and re-pocket their-donation or don't even try to pay at all. Which is ridiculous no one likes to work for free.

    Providers who decide to partake in this line of business forgets that being a champion we have feelings as well. Most of our clients or Johns waste so much of our time. To me it seems it's another irritating trend. PLEASE DON'T BOOK!!! If your still at work, driving etc. I find that to be highly inappropriate and disrespectful to me your future date and as well as yourself. It shows that you lack the fundamentals required to be a VIP member. Gentleman PLEASE: don't call me asking if I'll lower my rates,do a service not advertised or text inappropriate messages when I'm closed. Not all women are the same. In this business it may appear that way, but it's not necessarily accurate. Some of us on STG have no interest serving every single person that walks through the door. Some of us are REAL women that actually lives a real lifestyle. Some of us are single mothers looking to supplement our income. Due to the lack of dateable available men in 2019. All I personally ask of any monger is to try to get to know your provider better, most of us only desire a few steady gentlemen to brighten our lifestyles, it's definitely not a hard request. Please choose wisely, most of us are extremely particular these days. When you choose your champion make her feel desired and respected it goes a long way.-Respectfully NicholleeJ

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    Why say I dont see Black/AA clients and just say I only see gentleman or well spoken men. I've been on at least 4 dates that I can think of that girls didn't date black men. 1 was mentioned it was a personnel preference and she still booked me because I approached her in a respectful manner.
    I've heard alot of you're tall, your strong and you're big and then a couple of dates in I'm a Teddie Bear of a guy who's really nice. There are good Black guys out there just like there are shitty (insert other race) guys out there. Screen and you'll find us. But if you just say no AA you'll never no.

    In NC I've seen so man adds especially from latinas but not so much from Caucasians strictly stating no AA.
    In Texas, Cali, DC, NYC, Chicago I've asked if they see AA and everyone I've seen has said sure why not.

    Some guys who view adds posted by girls who say No AA instantly declare there handler is AA and doesn't want some other guy turning her out and putting her on his blade.

    I don't think this is even a SW thing. I believe it has alot to do with an undesirable transaction or traumatic experience with a particular race.
    What is a thick ghetto accent? Is it a black guy with a jewish accent? lol j/k

    Everybody wants to be one but nobody wants to be one.

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