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Thread: Do not go to Morris Oklahoma!!!

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    Do not go to Morris Oklahoma!!!

    Do not Do an outcall in Morris Oklahoma! Very dangerous!!!!

    Do not do an Outcall in Morris Oklahoma! Very dangerous

    This guy has lured two of us out there that I know of so far!
    I screened him, I know his real name, address, family members and where he works!
    He’s trying to get someone alone on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere!
    He offers a lot of money! He does not have anywhere for you to go when you get there! Then he took off didn’t leave a dime! I showed up with my dog, he kept asking if she would bite! I told him if he tried to hurt me she would go for his throat! The other girl had someone driving her! So we both got stiffed!
    I honestly think he is looking for someone to carry out some freakish fantasy or something! He’s not right in the head! He’s not on this sight that I know of! But he is finding us on other sights!
    Be careful! Stay away from Morris, Oklahoma!!!! I felt like I was in the Hills Have Eyes movie!

    Im sorry I’m just now putting this in this Forum, I had posted it in Another forum!

    This guys name is

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