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Thread: Camala,young and very sexy GFE.

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    Review: Date: Feb.27, 2009
    Provider: Camala
    Phone or Pager: 832-885-9748
    Email Address: n/a
    URL / Website: soon
    City: Houston
    State: Texas
    Area / Address: Galleria Area
    Appointment Type: incall
    Provider Category: Independent
    Activities: All GFE activities (not sure about Greek)
    Session Length Scheduled: 1 hr
    Fee: $.80
    Total Paid: $.80
    Was Tipping or Upselling an issue? no
    Was the Description you were given accurate? Yes
    Hair Color and Length: short black/red highlights
    Age: 21
    Race: Hispanic
    Perfume/Fragrance: natural
    Smoking Status: no
    Where did you hear about this provider: Cristeel and aspd
    Provider`s Body: Camala is about 5’7” and 125 lbs with perky B cup breast and long legs. She has a great tan body with olive soft shin. Her ass is very firm and youthful just like the rest of her body. Camala has a very cute face with a great set of teeth, which she uses to give you her inviting smile.
    What was the Provider's Attitude like? Eager to please

    Comments: I had recently seen Cristeel and she introduced me to her friend Camala. I must she was really cute and had a very nice body, so I made an appointment to see her a few days later. I met her at their incall and Camala looked great. I must add that Camala speaks very little English but with the help of Cristeel getting us together, Camala was very capable of taking it from that point.

    We went to her room and she wasted no time getting undressed a while I freshened up. I came out and she was lying on the bed waiting for me. As we started groping each other she worked her way down for a wonderful bbbj. Camala was going after my cock with plenty of suction and no hands. I was really enjoying this young lady and she seems to having a ball herself or balls (pun intended). My time was short because I had another engagement. I motioned for the cover and she applied it with her mouth. Camala got on top ride, which she appeared to have an “O” while I played with her perky breast. I flipped her over on her back and entered her mission with her legs over the shoulders. I was pounding her good as she was saying, “yes papi, and yes papi”. I suddenly remembered her nice ass in those tight shorts and moved her into position for doggie. I entered her slowly and she pushed her tight pussy back and forth on my cock and she let out some loud moans. After enjoying this position for sometime I exploded inside the condom deep inside her pussy. I am almost sure msog are available but I had another engagement.

    We relaxed and cleaned up and I was on my way to my next appointment a very satisfied gentleman. She gave me a kiss and I was on my way.

    Do you recommend this provider? Yes, Absolutely

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    Sounds like a real cutie. Any pictures available?


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    This one sounds like a keeper, hard to beat you a pretty, young Latina

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    Southeast side of Htown!!!
    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (tbone2u @ Mar 2 2009, 07:27 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    hard to beat you a pretty, young Latina[/b]
    Yep, it sure is!!!
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    Still in Never Never Land.. Actually I now live in Singapore!
    If I am not mistaken, and it is certainly possible that I am, I think these girls used to work
    with Charlie at Latinababes4u

    In fact, I am pretty sure Christeel goes back to Latin Sensation days.

    If so.. She is a real keeper.

    TJ ;)

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    Cristeel does go back to Latin Sensation days, but she has been independent for a few years now. Camala is a friend of Cristeel&#39;s from out of town who has only been here for a few months and plans on staying if she gets enough business.

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    Any pics of this young sensation? Do you know if BBBJTCIM is on the menu?

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    good info. Crisstel seems to have a very strong work ethic. I dont think I have ever read something bad.

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    I have no idea what dynamic images are, but it wouldn&#39;t let me post it as a picture. :unsure:
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