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Thread: Last Call With Mira

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    Last November I wrote a review (on our other board) about the incomparably beautiful Mira which detailed my second pleasurable visit with her after a hiatus of two years. Last week Jessica of MDG announced that Mira was retiring (for a second time) so I decided that I should visit with her for the last time. There are few providers who I pine for after a visit but Mira’s beauty and enigmatic way left me with a mild feeling of want that I needed to expurgate. So I made the call.

    My work schedule made Friday evening my only shot at seeing her so I booked a 90 minute appointment knowing that I would probably be the anchor man (or caboose) of her career. I was a little concerned that she might be tommy tuckered out after a long week of farewell visits from her many fans, but I had no other scheduling options. I was right about her being booked solid, but in a perverse way (and I am using “perverse” in its best sense) it worked to my advantage.

    I had enough time to buy Mira some small parting gifts that I thought would be useful in her real life and I scurried up the Turnpike where Mira was ensconced in moderately nice hotel. I arrived exactly on time, made the second call, received clearance for final landing and went to the room. Mira greeted me decorously wrapped in a towel and her hair was slightly damped from a shower. She was genuinely glad to see me and was quite pleased with the gifts, opening them with obvious delight at having a surprise. I then excused myself for the mandatory shower (and quick shave) and returned to find the gloriously nude Mira waiting on the bed.

    Mira began with some soft, light kisses and rubbed her glorious breasts against my upper body and teased me with soft bites and nips on my nipples (they are quite responsive!!). She then began a very nice (and improved) BBBJ with some nice hand action and soft, expressive moans. I teased her that now that she was becoming really good at this she was leaving me and her reply, given with a wry smile, was that life was hard.

    We then went on to the CFS part of the evening and it was truly outstanding. To the end, Mira has never been a true GFE (limited kissing, no cuddles and no DATY) but lord o mighty this girl can f*ck. We started out in CG and she quickly raised herself into ACG and started to pound the daylights out of my cock and pubis. And the visuals were just awesome. Her model/porn star body was backlit and it was just amazing to watch this goddess go to work. She took a short break to lower the room temperature and then did a reverse CG that was even better than the ACG. She initially lowered herself on my cock and then leaned forward so I could watch the action as my cock slid in and out of her puss, but she then leaned back and put her arms behind her and started to ride me in earnest, clearly trying to cum. I grabbed her arms and pulled firmly on them and this increased Mira’s pounding and grinding but I did not detect an O.

    We then moved on to K9 and I will repeat my earlier observation: Mira’s ass, raised for K9, should be a national monument. Mira wanted to be fucked hard in this position, repeatedly urging me to “fuck that pussy, fuck that pussy hard” and I did my best, varying the angles and speed and while it was all good, Mira still get her O. So after a short break we resumed the RCG but with a new twist. Mira now leaned forward so that her head and chest were on the bed between my legs. This provided me with a truly erotic review of her pussy and anus between her fabulous, spankable ass cheeks and as she ground her puss against my cock I placed my hand so I could massage her soppy wet puss and clit while we fucked. This increased her arbor but, once again, no O for Mira.

    So Mira took things into her own capable hands (and ultimately mine). She disengaged and grabbed her bottle of lube and placed some on her right hand and then spread her legs and began to massage her clit as I watched in awe and amazement. She then took my left hand and put lube on my fingers and placed them on her puss. I didn’t need any more instruction and I slowly inserted them deep into the tight puss and began to massage her G spot and then pumped her slowly as she vigorously massaged her clit. I then moved my right hand to join hers in massaging her swollen, erect nipples. After about five minutes of the ministrations Mira started to writhe and shout “Oh Fuck, I’m cuming” which she did with convulsive, almost racking spasms and shivers.

    This was a great sight, worthy of the best POV porno awards and I felt honored to assist her in this personal endeavor. It was certainly the most intimate of our sexual activities spread over three visits. Mira, for all of her limitations, has a deeply sensual side and good, satisfying sex is of obvious importance to her. As an aside, I wonder if her need for such a deep culmination was just the product of my inability to satisfy her through intercourse or had her need built up during the course of her business day? In other words, maybe collectively Mira’s fans aren’t as good as they need to be? Just a thought, guys.

    When we were done, Mira raised her legs and arms into the air and waved them like six year old in glee, happy that her career in the Hobby was over. I guess I could have seen this as a slight slap at me (and all of her fans) but I chose only to thank her for the pleasure that she had given me and to wish her well. She is a bright, capable girl who will have success in her life. I am pleased that I saw her for a finale and that we turned the lights off on her career together. I am slightly pained by the thought that I likely won’t ever experience a body as wonderful as Mira’s (at least at her price point) but it is time to move on to new women since this is all a fantasy.


    P.S. This is a slight recrimination, but when Mira and I were manually stimulating her, I couldn’t help but think that this was the time and place for DATY. She has a beautiful, tight puss with delicate labia and I am certain that, if allowed, I could have given her a better O by using my pedestrian oral talents. Oh well, you know what they say about spilled milk.


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    Beautiful! Maybe a link to her site might give the boys and girls something to add to the worship reading.


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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Eli @ Feb 21 2009, 02:09 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>

    Beautiful! Maybe a link to her site might give the boys and girls something to add to the worship reading.


    Also, the girl in the white bikini and fur boots, at the upper right, is Mira, who has a career as a print model:

    I hope that this adds to your reviewing pleasure. But remember, she is done, gone, and kaput. It is all so sad.


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