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Thread: Getting familiar with the site HELP!

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    Getting familiar with the site HELP!

    Trying to find providers profiles and having trouble. Not sure where to go to find the profiles. I can see some advertisements but not profiles with pics and info. Also type their name in the "search" field and it takes me to their advertisements. Is there a way to view all the ladies profiles in a given city, see their pics and info in one place? If so please advise. Sorry, just trying to learn how to get around the site. I am brand new to the site. Thanks for the assists!

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    You are not verified yet. Please see the following thread.
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    One way to start searching is to click the GALLERY button at the top of any forum page:

    It will expose close to 2,000 companion photo albums, many organized by city and state.

    Otherwise, the main search button and search buttons in all review and ad forums work pretty well.

    Communications, otoh, more or less require verified hobbyist status depending on companions who may or may not be "newbie friendly."
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