Companion's Handle: Unknown
Date of Visit: 19 Nov 18
Preferred Method of Contact: Text
Phone Number: 419-690-6316
Email Address:
Website, Ad, or Profile URL:
City, State: Ann Arbor, MI
Location: Hotel
Type of Visit: Outcall
Was the Appointment On-Time?? Yes
Activities: CBJ, RCG, Mish, CG
Scheduled Length of Visit: 60
Donation: 250
Approximate age of Companion: 24
Hair Color and Length: Black, mid back
Smoking Status: Not during
Ethnic/Racial background: African American
Companion Description: Pictures could be her with the right makeup and lighting. ~5'5", not a tiny girl, but not BBW. Pictures are accurate.
Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?? Meet
Would You Recommend this Companion?? Yes

Public comments:
Nice enough, but business like.

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