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Thread: Princess Here....

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    Princess Here....

    Hey everyone. Iím new here. Always classy with the perfect amount of nasty. Looking for some fun tonight in the San Antonio area. 898B3F67-D3E1-4FD6-94FF-8D8D751FE6BC.jpg

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    All up in the cut creepin' on you...

    Cool Wow!

    You look fantastic! I adore blue-eyed gingers!

    Peace, Love, and #BHILF

    Ladies, Ol' JS regrets to inform you that he is not boyfriend material. I am also not a "friend zone" type dude. I am, however, tryin' to make the "fuckbuddy zone" a thing and would appreciate your assistance establishing this new paradigm. Let me know if you're interested and I'll fill you in on the deets.

    Holler at your Starbaby if you're rockin' a #BHILF and are ready, willing, and able to use it...

    Starbaby - proudly thinkin' "inside the box" for over four decades...


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    Well Hello Beautiful!

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    Welcome aboard OH2 PP.
    Newbie members friendly. Troll inhospitable & I have an ongoing troll ignore list!!!
    Iím your Huckleberry and this hobby is just my game. Ladies, just say when!!
    If youíre BSC, probably BSC, a drama Queen/King, WK or troll, DONíT PM me or comment on my thread posts.
    Thanks for your cooperation.

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    Made 2 attempts to meet. First time day of apt crickets. 2nd attempt set time and place. Arrived at location and then crickets again. There won’t be a third. :(. Hopefully others have better luck

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    Had the same experience Peter

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