Companion's Handle: Audrey Moore
Date of Visit: 11/11
Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Phone Number: will provide after screening
Email Address:
Website, Ad, or Profile URL:
City, State: Minneapolis, MN
Location: Bloomington
Type of Visit: Outcall - lunch
Was the Appointment On-Time?? Yes
Activities: BBBJ, CFS, great convo
Scheduled Length of Visit: 2 hours
Donation: 750 + 50
Approximate age of Companion: 28
Hair Color and Length: Dark - below shoulders
Smoking Status: Non
Ethnic/Racial background: Caucasian
Companion Description: 5'5", slender with beautiful green eyes. Fantastic body and a better mind. Exudes class. Just incredible in every way.
Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?? Greatly exceeded
Would You Recommend this Companion?? Indubitably

Public comments:
Have seen Audrey several times and each was better than the last; and the first was awesome... The physical part is A+ but if you want to have one of the best days of your life book a long appointment and go to lunch or dinner; you will have the experience of a lifetime. Every aspect of a date with Audrey is outstanding. Be careful - this is a woman who can be very addictive. Be nice - I don't think she will suffer fools gladly.

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