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Thread: Encounter: Drama in FTW

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    Encounter: Drama in FTW

    Agency/Spa/Club Name, Companion's Handle: Asian massage at altamesa and mccart, didnt catch it
    Date of Visit: 8.27.18
    Preferred Method of Contact: walk in
    Phone Number:
    Email Address:
    Website, Ad, or Profile URL:
    City, State: fort worth, texas
    Location: Shopping center on the southeast side of the McCarty and altamesa intersection.
    Type of Visit: spa
    Was the Appointment On-Time?? walk in
    Activities: Table shower and massage. Decent massage. Halfassed from there on.
    Length of Visit: 1 hr
    Donation: 65 + 80
    Approximate age of Companion: mid 20s
    Hair Color and Length: long and dark
    Smoking Status: dont think so
    Ethnic/Racial background: Chinese
    Companion Description: Attractive, small belly and very nice breasts. No ass.
    Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?? Hell no
    Would you recommend this Agency/Spa?? nope
    Would You Recommend this Companion?? definetly no

    Public comments:
    Not worth tipping for extras

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    Good for you, never acceptbad service..!

    Damn It Jim, I am a Doctor, Not a Porn Star..!

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