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Thread: How Do You Want to F*** Me?

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    How Do You Want to F*** Me?

    Do you like to fuck missionary style?
    I most definitely do.
    I love feeling you on top of me
    and the way I can look in your eyes
    as your cock moves in and out of me
    in strong, powerful strokes?

    Or do you like me on top?
    I love the freedom it gives me
    to move on that wonderful cock.
    It feels so good to slide down on
    a hard cock!

    Or it it doggie?
    Doesn't everybody love doggie?
    I know I do.
    It lets you get so deep
    and there is almost a primal
    feeling about fucking doggie style
    and I always cum hard--
    and loud.

    What's your preference?
    I'm ready to fuck you senseless!

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