So I've been watching some stuff on pornhub recently....and kinda found a hot pornstar I fell in lust with in the process lol. Her name is Gina Valentina!!! Anywho I don't necessarily have fav actors or actresses when it comes to porn. l base it more off activities, place and scenario.

But the Almost Caught scenarios are really hot to me!!! Not necessarily the step brother, stepsister/stepdad,-stepdaughter aspect....but more so the fact that people are having sneaky sex in front of people!!! Because as I've stated before... I LOVE public and outdoor sex!!!

So I've had this idea that I can pull off ....a sort of stepdad/stepdaughter/mom roleplay

Let's say my mom and stepdad are sitting on the couch. My mom is on one end, me on the other and my stepdad in the middle. Mom is into the movie and most likely will either doze off soon like she always does into a heavy sleep or she'll realize she's tired and will get up and go to bed. Step dad has been eyeing me all night because I've been walking around the house in a cutoff short white tank top with no bra and itty bitty shorts with clearly no panties on. Stepdad sees me sitting comfortably with my legs wide open and sees a peek of my pretty pink pussy as I sit watching t.v. ...He can't control himself and puts the blanket slightly over him, pulls his cock out and slowly strokes it, looking at my beautiful clean shaved cat. I notice what he's doing and look at him shocked!!! He bits his lips and motions for me to shh as I franticly look at mom but notice she's zoned out at this point and stepdad just turns a bit toward me and angles the blanket so mom is none the wiser. I watch in amazement as stepdads dick grows bigger and bigger as he looks longingly and hungrily at me. I feel my face get hot and he slowly brings his left arm to me and his thumb slips under my shorts and slowly circles my clit. I try to contain the moan that threatens to slip out. Seeing this he grabs one of my hands and places it on his dick and motions for me to stroke his now throbbing glistening member. As we pleasure each other, I notice moms eyes slowly closing as she slips in and out of consciousness. Stepdad motions for me to lay my head in his lap, while the blanket still shields me from my mother's sight on the other side of the couch. I lay down as my stepdad continus to stoke his cock in front of my face. He then begins to rub his cock over my cheeks and lips teasing me with it. I part my lips ever so slightly to get a better Taste. The precum he has worked up makes my lips shine and my taste buds come alive with desire. I open my mouth as he feeds me his cock. He allows me to suck, lap and lick up his precum while he slowly churns it out for me like a life sustaining milk. I drink up greedily all that he has to offer as he fingers my NOW soaked pussy. He scoots me up and motions for me to lay down on the couch in front of him, then he covers us with the blanket. By this time, I hear moms soft snoring next to us. Stepdad slides my shorts off, in one swift motion, and grabs my waist close. I can feel his hard dick on my ass. I scoot closer and feel him tease me, sliding his dick up and down my slippery wet lips. I gasp as I feel the tip at my entrance. And with his first thrust, I let out a low deep moan. He quickly put a hand over my mouth as his continued to slowly thrust in and out of me............

You finish the rest lol

As for my other fantasy roleplay....

It's my teacher. She told me to come back after class after school so she can explain some work to me that I had questions about. I had to run to my locker first, but on my way back, I see the door slightly shut and not wide open like how it usually is. I peek in and I notice the principal there talking to my teaching in the doorway of her office. Not wanting to interrupt but still walking forward but quietly....I notice my teacher looking kind of upset and nervous. I overheard the principal tell her it's not going to work and they he may have to let her go. I see and hear my teacher cry out and beg him "No!!There must me something , ANYTHING I can do!" Then from the side profile I make out the slow smile spread across the principas face. "Well there is one thing you can do that might change my mind. If you get a good grade, I may let you stay. your performance is key." I notice the mixture of Hope and dismay come cross my teachers face and I can't see what the pricipal is motioning to...but my teacher slowly begins to lower to the ground beneath the window out of sight. My legs slowly carried me and my confused but curious self closer to the office door, trying to get a better look. As I crept closer I see my teacher on her knees and the principal grasping her head as she bobbed slowly and deeping on his uncovered cock. My eyes got big and I began to back away but in my haste I tripped over a desk. The loud noise made the principal's head snap my direction and I seen a look of fear come across my teachers face. But to my amazement the principal loudly exclaimed "well what do we have here?" I apologise profusely but he smiles and beckons me towards them. I timidly walk into the office as my teacher remains on her knees and the principal remains with his cock out unashamedly. "I was just wanting to get some help with some work but I can come back another time" I stammer. "No,no please sit and stay" he says with a sly smile and gleam in his eye. "You need a tutor?! Let's see how good of a teacher you are to your pupil. NOW STRIP!!! " He barked at my teacher who nervously began to do as he says. I tried to avoid making direct eye contact with her at this point, but when the principal noticed this he told me "no, PAY ATTENTION. You must watch and learn.because your test is at the end". Now my eyes were glued to the scene unfolding in front of me. But my heart raced with fear at his words....TEST?!? What did he mean?!? Little did I know, I would soon find out......


Now I'm always down for DOUBLE the fun !!!! I ran this idea by a nice milf/cougar type and she agreed it was pretty hot.

I make my inner thoughts and fantasies come ALIVE. I make my words that I type SPEAK to you. Words that make your dick stand up and pussies moist! I make these dirty, kinky taboo fantasies COME ALIVE!!!