Companion's Handle: Leetaylor004
Date of Visit: 9/14/2019
Preferred Method of Contact: Text
Phone Number: 9163822991
Email Address:
Website, Ad, or Profile URL:
City, State: Denver, COLORADO
Location: Stapleton
Type of Visit: Incall
Was the Appointment On-Time?? Y
Activities: FS
Scheduled Length of Visit: 15
Donation: 150
Approximate age of Companion: 29
Hair Color and Length: Dark and long
Smoking Status: No
Ethnic/Racial background: Mixed
Companion Description: Shes HAF, she has an amazing body, tiny and petite
Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?? Yes
Would You Recommend this Companion?? Yes

Public comments:
She is absolutely a gem, she was right in same area I was in. I had to Run a few errands and she was willing to c me on short notice. We are very familiar with each other so she was super cool. She actually had left to take a walk for food and came back 4 me. I met her outside
And we walked in 2 hotel together, up to her room, we literally locked door and standing at the dresser I dropped her pants and panties...

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