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Thread: Massage of a lifetime

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    Massage of a lifetime

    I once had this life changing 2 hour massage where the cute little azn girl did some wild shit to me. She gave me one of the best healing and body rejuvenating massages.

    Lit was litterally something out of a porno or something.

    She had this great body and giant tits that she had out the entire time. Rubbing on the back of my head when she bent down to grab my ass and run her hands through the crack of my freshly shaved ass.

    She did this thing denied and edged me like crazy by having my body automatically go into doggy style. She ran her whole hands against the walls of my butt crack, pressed up against my anus and then rubed her hands all over my balls.

    She would like gently grab them like a tease and them rub my thighs.

    This woman k shit you not had my body shaking and thrusting so fucking hard into the air. (Escuse my language)

    When she flipped me over she gave me this erotic head massage and ear massage with her nipples all over my face and told me to what she wanted me to do with them.

    Then as I was sucking her tits and enjoying them to their fullest, she freaking reached all the wayto my pelvis and grabed my balls forward and massages my pelvis and balls.

    After all that she goes in between my legs and looks my dead straight in eyes and said you will never get this again anywhere. I'm going to ruin your life.

    Like some fucking noodles she slurps my balls into her mouth and starts giving me a insane soft touch edging/ tease/ senile handjob. Then out of no where ask me if I'm clean and then she asked if I promised? I told her I get checked every 6-7 months. She literally put her black hole suction mouth on my dick. Litterally the only other person I have had suck my dick this hard suction was probably this chick named Luna from Columbia. The suction was absolutely insane and may I ask she went back and forth between my balls shaft and cock.

    I looked at her and asked if I she could swallow or let me go into her mouth she litterally rolled her eyes and kept sucking. She literally sucked every drop she could out of me. Then she spit it all out on my balls and cock. She' was looking at me like I was crazy with how much came out .

    She went and got towel and started to clean herself and me and said that's the best massage you'll ever get. I'm the best.

    I told her my body has never shook like that while cumming and being teased like that.

    Then as she was cleaning my cock and balls I started getting hard again. She looked me and said omg no way how. I said I donno but looks like you're not done. She told me to wait and came back with a condom and said you think my mouth was tight wait till you feel this.

    Gets ontop of my puts the condom in with her mouth and then squat rid me. She maybe was up there for 5 mins ? Or less. Made me but so hard again.

    Long story short she fucked my life up.. the way she touched my body and then was so attracted to me. It was seriously one of the craziest things ever. She treated me like I was her actual man and actually enjoyed pleasing me.

    I can't wait to experience a body shaking uncontrollably massage like that again

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    What's the address.......................?????????????????
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    Quote Originally Posted by The1Slayer View Post
    What's the address.......................?????????????????
    Holy shit. Waiter, I will have what he is having...

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    Dammmn dm me that I want a piece of that!

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    Please pm...

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    Hey guys this was a while ago! I'd say around 7-8 months ago.

    The place was on Richmond and sage Rd. In the corner it was a foot/body acupuncture place. I've been back couple times and been told she left and went some place else.

    Havent ever had a experience as such since any other place or with anyone else. It has slightly ruined my experience with massages but not 100%. I'm extremely bummed when it doesn't even go even 10 % as good lmao.

    I went to this place in Cypress called jd foot massage and a younger girl there gave me a similar tease, denial, edging experience. She went crazy with rubbing her arms and hands all over my ass, asshole and balls. She wouldn't ever come close to touching my rock hard throbbing cock though.

    It was near unbearable at one point and when I turned around to face up she continued this insane tease. Never once touched my cock but man all of a sudden I couldn't take it anymore and I gushed out crazy amounts of cum. I didn't even think I could but I think from all the ass play and denial or something I busted so hard. It oozed out extra creamy and thick and she just kept rubbing the hell out of my balls and pelvis area until I said I can't take it no more.

    Hell of a decent massage too.

    Still looking for my entire body shaking experience and hopefully someone can get me to that point again. I think you both have to just be attracted to each other and just want it.

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