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Thread: Carlyy675: Carlyy675 new girl (NCNS)

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    Carlyy675: Carlyy675 new girl (NCNS)

    Companion's Handle: Carlyy675
    Date of Visit: 8-3-19
    Preferred Method of Contact: Text
    Phone Number: 4695942551
    Email Address: Na
    Website, Ad, or Profile URL:
    City, State: San antonio, TX
    Location: Med center
    Type of Visit: In
    Was the Appointment On-Time?? No,
    Activities: NCNS
    Scheduled Length of Visit: Hhr
    Donation: $.4
    Approximate age of Companion: 20 ish
    Hair Color and Length: Idk
    Smoking Status: Idk
    Ethnic/Racial background: Caucasian
    Companion Description: Idk
    Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?? No
    Would You Recommend this Companion?? No

    Public comments:
    Set up the appointment for 6 by 5:30 I ask for the address and it took a bit to answer but she sent me the address, I got on my way and arrived in 13 mins it was a little past 6 texted here I was there and no answer sfigure she was getting ready so I went to check my fb when I realized I had no answer a half an hour had passed so I texted her that i was leaving she never texted back
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocHoliday View Post
    I saw that coming and I wasn’t even there. ***Hidden content cannot be quoted.***
    LOl............ Right..... I saw her initial post also....... Pfft........ Bad attitude...............

    OP........... This was a blessing in disguise.................!!!
    Gentleman: Do NOT PM me asking for info when you are NOT Verified Yet & have NO Reviews nor share info under your belt!!!

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    *Preferred Activities Are:

    BBBJ ONLY (NO CBJ), DFK, DATY, DATO, 69, CIM(not a deal breaker), Mish, K9, SS, CG, RCG........ GFE wanted, I DO NOT give deposits for Meets.

    ***LovelyXXXO's Hobby husband****

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