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Thread: MsRogueSA: Bottomless Throat - Ms. Rogue

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    MsRogueSA: Bottomless Throat - Ms. Rogue

    Companion's Handle: MsRogueSA
    Date of Visit: 27 July 2019
    Preferred Method of Contact:
    Phone Number:
    Email Address:
    Website, Ad, or Profile URL:
    City, State: San Antonio, TX
    Location: Northwest
    Type of Visit: Incall
    Was the Appointment On-Time?? Yes
    Activities: DFK, Convo, DT, Russian, FIV, FIA, DATY, DATO
    Scheduled Length of Visit: 1 Hour
    Donation: $180 + 20 tip (Grandfathered Rate)
    Approximate age of Companion: 40s
    Hair Color and Length: Long red hair
    Smoking Status: Smokes, but could not tell
    Ethnic/Racial background: White
    Companion Description: She's super short, compact, busty and slutty. Bite sized cajun queen.
    Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?? Yes
    Would You Recommend this Companion?? Yes

    Public comments:
    Met at the agreed upon time in her discreet love nest. Left me TOTALLY satisfied. Highly recommend.

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    Has always intrigued me. Close to how I travel home. Would be fun to drop by for a BJ

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    Could be risky if there’s an SO waiting at home. She’ll want to know why you are giggling uncontrollably and walking with a pronounced limp. You need some Me Time after skullfucking her. Signed, The Voice of Experience.

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