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Thread: Come get lost in time with me

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    Lightbulb Come get lost in time with me

    Hello there, are you ready for a break from your day to day life? A geniune experience with someone who knows the importance of authentic connections? Are you looking for a place where you can finally be yourself without judgement or reservations? I'd like to happily inform you that you've found your piece of paradise.

    I wont be around to long, so do yourself a favor and come get lost in time with me.

    ****If youve seen me before or know me I would greatly appreciate if you could verify me.. Thanks a bunch *****




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    How lovely. I will hit you up on my next Sin City trip. Welcome aboard OH2 dear.
    Newbie members friendly. Troll inhospitable & I have an ongoing troll ignore list!!!
    Iím your Huckleberry and this hobby is just my game. Ladies, just say when!!
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    Thanks for your cooperation.
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    You are lovely
    Come visit Dallas

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