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Thread: Lost in Blue Skies w/ Skye Jennings

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    Lost in Blue Skies w/ Skye Jennings

    Companion's Handle: Skye Jennings
    Date of Visit: 04/11/2019
    Preferred Method of Contact: Email
    Phone Number: Will Provide After Screening
    Email Address: Will Provide After Screening
    Website, Ad, or Profile URL:
    City, State: Dallas, Texas
    Location: Coit Road and 75
    Type of Visit:
    Was the Appointment On-Time??
    Scheduled Length of Visit: One Hour
    Donation: 400
    Approximate age of Companion: Late 20's
    Hair Color and Length: Black
    Smoking Status: Non-Smoker
    Ethnic/Racial background: Caucasian
    Companion Description: Friendly and awesome attitude. Absolute knock out: Long black hair, beautiful green eyes, wearing a tight black laced lingerie, make-up and all. Top notch body with the face of a model.
    Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?? Exceeded Expectations
    Would You Recommend this Companion?? Absolutely Yes!

    Public comments:
    Skye is the best of the best. I contacted her and she responded in kind and promptly by email. I could tell she was friendly, and we were going to have an awesome time together. On the appointed day, we touched base via phone, and agreed on a time for me to visit her hotel. At the correct time, a knock on my door, and appears out of the shadow of the door an absolute knock-out. Long black hair, beautiful blue eyes, wearing a tight black laced lingerie, make-up and all. I've been with many women in my time, many of them quite beautiful, and I can honestly say, Skye shot to the top of the list. The pictures on her site are great, but unfortunately her face is blurred, which is such travesty because Skye has the face of angel (a naughty one). The kind of face you see only once in a life time and continues to play through the recesses of your mind even after the albeit fleeting and transient moment.

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    She looks hot!

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