New! Business Services Forum!

For all you photographers, website developers, bookkeepers/tax consultants, auto repairers, computer fixers, legal aids, and the like, we now have a BUSINESS SERVICES FORUM (BSF) where you can place ads ONCE monthly!

Be advised that the BSF is NOT a Hobby/adult services section, so NO carnal commercials advertising sensual options, please. It is also not a barter/trading forum, nor a discussion area. Business professional/vocational offerings only, and NO SPAM!

Posts in violation will be removed, infractions automatically issued, and forum access will be blocked for those who abuse the section.

Since it's a national forum, please include the city of your service in the ad title IF limited by location.

If you have a question about the forum, PM the chief or me BEFORE placing an inappropriate topic in the BSF. Okie dokie? Thanks so much! -- FIH/staff