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Thread: Ying Spa Wichita

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    Ying Spa Wichita

    This one is less known so here's the location.
    3719 W Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67213

    Older gal, 40 maybe, I've seen for years here. She can come off as a typical argumentative type that you feel will never do anything, but don't let her fool you. She's a cougar!

    Last visit in early December. She comes in grinning, but acting so standoffish. It's this little game she likes to play. But then she sees him standing at attention and grabs him. Still acting hard to get, as much as you can with something in your hand. Lol when business starts, she wants to cover but I say no, soon bbbj starts. Plenty of fun here, then she lays on her back on the edge of the table and cfs starts. That goes on for a while, different positions, then she lays back with her head at the side of the table and back to bbbj with fiv. She likes it fairly fast and let's me know she's cumming. Stay after it and then a second time. Then I keep after it and she sits up on the side of the bed and yells to not stop and watch. She squirts! And nearly rips my arm out of the socket. She just keeps telling me to look saying that's never happened to her before, and as well, maybe one of but not any more. She can't stop talking about the squirting but finally finishes my part.

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    Wow!!! Sounds like fun!!!!

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