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Ourhome2 Community Quick Rules Summary

--Briefly, "respect" and "kindness" are expected, encouraged and demanded for and from all OH2 members and "getting along" is also a community requirement. Please keep personal "stuff" off the board!

--Alerts and Security - alert forums are for information vital to community security, not to be used for general member information distribution. The disclosure of any personal data, including health data, is never allowed (with certain exceptions) in any forum, including alerts and security forums.

--Alerts and Security - Documentation will often be required for staff to evaluate, assess and determine action to protect community security. First hand data is required by staff. Second hand or hearsay reports are not acceptable. Open forum accusations/reports will be treated by staff as hearsay unless documentation has been provided.

--Welcoming new members is encouraged, and a new member's first Welcome Wagon thread may also include photos, rates, services, and that thread may be updated as often as necessary until verified status is achieved.

-- Ad forums (and ISO forums) are primarily for the marketing of in-person services intimate services only. Inclusion of other material must be ancillary, such as links to photo albums, reviews, websites or paid on-line and virtual services. (clarified 12-02-20)

A basic rule of engagements: (1) Ladies set their own rules for engagement AND (2) Ladies should make sure that gents know their rules. That way gents may make informed decisions and cannot complain before, during or after; includes "no review" policy issues and pre-pay or deposit issues and personal real world information requirements. (clarified 12-10-21)

Please cooperate in any screening/vouching process via the OH2 PM system for intimate activity. This is part of the RESPECT for others in the home2 community. Reasonable response time is 48 hours.

-- It is a companion's choice to have a "no review" policy and that will be enforced by staff. The companion must include such policy in her signature/ads to keep hobbyists informed. There is no retroactive enforcement by staff. Staff will enforce the policy as long as the companion applies it uniformly. If a companion allows ANY hobbyist (either by request or otherwise) review to stand, then staff will no longer allow her to post "no review policy" and will not enforce her statement.

--Bumping older existing threads is allowed; however, bumping older review threads which expire more than 30 days past creation is not allowed.

--Never include exact location or hotel name in any ad or review post!


-- illegal substances or the illegal sale of legal substances (per Federal laws)

-- bestiality

-- underage anything

-- violence or physical threats

-- health or personal data (except your own)

-- personal welfare data (except your own)

-- multiple handles

-- operating someone else's account w/o admin permission

-- outing other's personal (or former) identity data (some exceptions exist)

-- racial or gender slurs

-- shaming!

-- quacking! (calling out new reviews as falsified)

-- disrespecting staff

-- leaking information from secure forums

-- thread hijacking (meaning a significant change of topic from original subject)

-- Reopening/recreating a closed thread is not permitted without staff permission

-- exposure of others' PMs or EMs or texts

-- stalking/doxing

-- bullying! and bullying by proxy

-- distorting another member's words by falsifying a quote (added 12-20-21)

-- political discussion is NOT allowed on oh2

-- "conspiracy" discussion is NOT allowed on oh2 (added 2-21-21)

-- discussions that have outlived any usefulness: purpose/use of AA by companions (added 10-12-20)

-- use of the HIDE function is barred as of June 12, 2020 in all coed and Welcome Wagon forums

-- hotlinking to display non-hobbying images from "civilian" services or persons that don't openly promote the hobby (added 09-18-21)

-- yes, sexual action photos/videos are allowed, but only via hot links, not hosted here.

The above is more or less a summary of existing rules/expectations for OH2 members within the OH2 site and elsewhere.

Yes, elsewhere is inclusive for members here.

Members' bad actions elsewhere will be considered actionable here.

Members are expected to know and follow the rules.

Points for member infractions are documented in the member's individual profile and are visible only to that member and to staff. Some infractions may warrant only a warning at staff discretion

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