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Ourhome2 Community Quick Rules Summary

--Briefly, "respect" and how to get along

--Alerts and Security

--Welcoming new members

NO! NO! NO!:

-- discussion of illegal substances or the illegal sale of legal substances (per Federal laws)

-- bestiality

-- underage anything

-- violence or physical threats

-- health data (except your own)

-- personal welfare data (except your own)

-- multiple handles

-- operating someone else's account w/o admin permission

-- outing other's personal (or former) identity data (some exceptions exist)

-- racial or gender slurs

-- shaming!

-- leaking information from secure forums

-- thread hijacking

-- exposure of others' PMs or EMs or texts

-- stalking/doxing

-- yes, sexual action photos/videos are allowed, but only via hot links, not hosted here.

The above is more or less a summary of existing rules/expectations for OH2 members within the OH2 site and elsewhere.

Yes, elsewhere is inclusive for members here.

Members' bad actions elsewhere will be considered actionable here.

Members are expected to know and follow the rules. Warnings are never mandatory and issued only at staff discretion

General Forum Usage

Setting and Profile Features

Reading and Posting Messages

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