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For best communications, please add support@ourhome2.net to your email contact list to avoid mail hitting your spam folder.

This site is self and member-moderated; respect for self and others is key to continued access.

Home2 has many totally open public forums (any lurker or basic registered member can see these) in each city forum set, and beyond those, multiple authorized access only forums that require a completed registration and review by administration prior to gaining access privileges; and individual private forums and very private community-access only forums. Private community access only forums require community verification.

Active membership mandates cooperation on screening and vouching

Members seeking access or retention of access are required to gain initial endorsements and then to maintain status via additional periodic endorsements.

The process is simple and is outlined in all membership welcome mail and in "you are verified" mail. Basically, it requires that new members get endorsements from established verified members.

If you have an established hobbyverse "persona" elsewhere please use that here as well.

Personal forums

Established companions may also have a free personal forum accessible only to those members (or member classes) allowed by the companion. The companion may post "quiet" specials, any or all of her own photos with full sexual content, and may allow authorized viewers to participate fully in her personal forum or restrict access to viewing and not posting. If she wants it, her forum may also be password restricted

Established hobbyists may also have a free personal forum much like the companion personal forum.

Due to greatly increased site volume, personal forums are temporarily disabled.

Advertising policy:

See the individual ad forums for posting frequency details. All ad forums (except weekend ad forums) allow daily ads. ourhome2 allows posting of rates and services, nude photos, but not overt sexual acts (except in a companion's personal forum or album. Otherwise sexual photos displayed in open forums must be hosted elsewhere than home2 and linked in for display.

Photo Albums

Are available to all verified members (female or male) and may contain up to 100 photos. Please, don't post overt sexual act photos here; but you may post links to them if they are hosted elsewhere. Click here for instructions. Photo albums can be made public or private at the album owner's choice.


are encouraged as these help companions market their services and assist hobbyists making informed choices.

One of the most significant improvements, we think, is the new secure review template and our secure "bcd" forums.

Non-public forums

If you don't see "the Underground" forums, please mail support to inquire or offer references. The Underground forums are open only to members who have been validated as companions or as hobbyists.

Please post feedback in the "ask your staff" forums or email support@ourhome2.net


There may be a few, but please try to resolve by first using the user/password retrieval system. If that doesn't work for you, please report the issue to support@ourhome2.net to obtain a support-issued password. All requests to Support must come from the member profile addy.


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Please share www.ourhome2.net with those you trust. You may use the "invite" button at the far right in the top of any forum button lineup. Ask them to register using their usual hobby community handle/user name and current email address. Members at other review boards may be allowed temporary access based on their current status elsewhere prior to validation here. Please note that sometimes the home2 mailer may not directly reach your addressee and the invite may hit his/her spam folder. Please alert prospective members to the invites.

Public Forums Access:
New companions (providers) and new hobbyists will be accepted here with vouches from two established reviewers or from established companions. Current members, lurkers and new members who have not yet been validated will also have public forum access.

"Underground" community forums access:
All entry is governed via current vouches from established companions/hobbyists.

"Meet & Greet" forums access:
Available only to those who are vouched in based on verification and attendance and who are re-vouched periodically.

"Companion Only" forums access:
Available only to well-vouched Independent female companions; male moderators have zero access.

"Hobbyist Only" forums fccess:
Available only to male hobbyists vouched in by established companions.

There is no paid access at ourhome2 either for companion advertising or for hobbyist bcd. Moving forward in "hobbyverse 2.0" there may sometimes be banners, badges, commercial pop-ups or subscription offers. The ourhome2 community as it grows is considering limited outside financial support possibilities.

Archiving your reviews from elsewhere is encouraged here

Please help the companions here by adding to the home2 active review data base.