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Thread: NICOLE COX: An Intimate Noon Encounter with the famed Soccer Mom ** (Sexy Pics) **

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    Thumbs up NICOLE COX: An Intimate Noon Encounter with the famed Soccer Mom ** (Sexy Pics) **

    Companion's Handle: NICOLE COX

    Date of Visit : 08/19/2018

    Preferred Method of Contact : PM on OH2

    Phone Number : PM on OH2

    Email Address :

    Website, Ad, or Profile URL : Refer BCD

    City, State : PLANO, TEXAS

    Location : Nice Private Apartment

    Type of Visit : Incall

    Was the Appointment On-Time?? Yes

    Activities : Check BCD for details

    Scheduled Length of Visit : 1 HR

    Donation : 250 (Specials)

    Approximate age of Companion: Mid-Late 30s

    Hair Color and Length : Long Hair reaching her back ; Light Brunette ; Nice smelling ; Neatly done ;

    Smoking Status : None

    Ethnic/Racial background : Caucasian / White

    Companion Description:

    Nicole Cox - the name itself is so Fucking Hot, isn't it ? Lol. Her name itself makes me Horny ! Lol. :)
    She's a classy mature woman in her Mid-Late 30s, with a tall Hourglass frame. When I say Tall, I really mean Tall ! I am around 6ft, and she comes closer to my height. She may be around 5'9". Weight - around 145-150 lbs. She's not a Spinner or Petite. So, don't expect that !
    A Beautiful lady with a nice attitude, a hot sexy body, a very beautiful smile ; nicely pleasing tanned skin ; 34F-size Tits with lovely nipples ; Nice proportionate ass ; Beautiful shapely legs ; Few ear piercings ;
    Perfect TCB ; Very Passionate in what she does. She is a perfect Soccer Mom and a reputed Wood-Polisher !!

    ((Read more in the BCD))

    Meet or Exceed Your Expectations ??
    Way Beyond Expectations

    Would You Recommend this Companion ??
    YEP !! A MUST-SEE ** (Classy, Hot & Sensuous) **

    Public comments:
    It was great fun seeing Nicole ! Get verified to read more !! Lol.. :)

    The rest of the story is hidden. You must be a verified hobbyist to view additional content.
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    Well done!

    Thanks for the excellent review of your experience with this lovely lady. The pics are nice too! I look forward to seeing her next week. Let her buck, little brother!

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    brilliant format and content mr bond, brilliant!

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